At the beginning of the XX century, universities dictated the career of Business Administration, with the passing of the year and advances in science, adding the change that many companies have gone through, have achieved what that update and technological advances to get to the second level of teachings, meaning, majors, giving answers to the social changes and the university gives a step forward giving courses that allows you to get tools adapted to business advancements and related to the public sector of society. According to the necessities of the world, which are related to the interchange of production and management styles, Business Schools are born and the design of the first MBA.

Birth of the MBA

The birth of business schools was in the United States, specifically on the Business School of Wharton, founded in 1881. On the other hand, the first school to offer an MBA was the Management School of Tuck, of the University of Dartmouth, on the year 1900.

Since 1900, the companies have been keeping a constant change, technological advancements, relation between employees and the managing of companies, the ways of publishing goods and services, the same productive fact, that has been changed with the passing of the years, caused by the demands of the people have changed and have been modified through time. The latent transformations were observed by the universities and were introduced on the MBA programs that allow the participants to update their knowledge from a management point of view.

MBA on the exterior

Among the historical facts of the MBA is the possibility to export from the United States the business programs. On the year 1950, the program of the MBA was dictated outside the borders of its country of origin and was the Business School of the University of Western Ontario, in Canada. This is how the major propagated, getting to be imparted on 1955 for the first time in Asia, on the Administration of Business Institute of the University of Karachi, in Pakistan.
This is how the universities of the whole world evidenced the importance of incorporating an MBA on its plan of studies, understanding and giving an answer to the social reality of the advances in the production media relations. In addition to the offering of the possibility of updating the preparation for future managers on intern and external relations of the companies.

The human being has evolved, giving an answer to this reality, the universities of the world give tools through the MBA to the executives of the companies to improve production of the sector in question.