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Benefits provided by an MBA

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The benefits of signing up and study an MBA are many, you will begin to acquire analysis tools of working and global financing systems, in a way that you can perform a strategic planning on your working area. However, today you will know the benefits provided by an MBA in your academic and professional life.
The world’s economy is always changing, the new communication methods 2.0 and 3.0 have modified, in one way or another how to interrelate with it the ways of business. The business services are considered interchangeable assets that are given from little company to multinational companies.
The study plans of business schools or simply MBA, the entire world has begun to introduce related topics with international or globalization of applicable models in the practice in order to understand the new global scheme on which the organizations work. Likewise, the methodology used for the theoric-practical teaching is through the execution of teams and the active learning focus, that make very evident the talent of human resources, now called human talent.
Company practices
The idea of making an MBA is to acquire a completely innovative way of thinking, where the administration and business be a complete reality. This teaching must be shown with practical evidence of the student or participant. There exists different experiences of fruitful managing experiences and can be shown to administration students who have made enough practices on companies and have many technical abilities with the possibility of showing what is learned.

Knowledge update
The MBA can provide a combination of art, science, and technology, that must integrate the style of each participant or future graduate in function of the abilities he possesses, like the ones he must develop or must explore in its working post. If it is true that the participants of this kind of major have working experience, an enforcement, and management of working knowledge to the actual economy of the market be it online or offline.

The different types of companies open a range of experience that the MBA considers at the time of the curricular design of the program. What the future participant must take into account when deciding to select the university, institute, business school or academy where he is going to study is:
The theory-practical experience that the teacher has

The possibility to enter a practice problem of practice on business, online and offline
Availability of synchronous and asynchronous classes
Interactive teaching
That the institute in question have concessions with multinational companies
Whenever possible, the MBA includes the teaching of a second language with technical management

Where can you study an MBA?

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According to the statistics published by the Statistics Brain organization, there exist around 4000 MBA programs around the world; which must have a number of graduates that exceeds the amount of 150000 students a year.
Institutions at world scale
Many universities and schools provide the opportunity to study an MBA (Master in Business Administration) There exists a national ranking that allows choosing the university, the classification according to years of trajectory that has the institution, by student enrollment, among other aspects. Some of the best universities that provide an MBA around the world are:
London Business School
Oxford University
SDA Bocconi School of Management
IE University, IE Business School
ESADE Business School, Universitat Ramon Llull
IESE Business School, University of Navarra
University of Cambridge
In Latin America, the opportunities are given by:
MBA Ejecutivo de la Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá

MBA en Administración de la Universidad ICESI, Cali
MBA del Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
MBA de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
MBA de Fundación Getulio Vargas, Sao Paulo
Each MBA has a different structural difference, but with the same objective: providing tools to the participants that are very passionate of the business world, giving them marketing and administration needed, in a matter that they can make projections of where they work, managing to achieve short and long-term goals, depending on the social reason of the company.

This MBA is basically oriented for the personal manager and company executives of each knowledge area, they should preferably possess managing experience or enough years of working experience to opt for this program. This a very important point, the working experience as a requisite of getting it allows them to give an academic worth on the operative working area.

The MBA is multidisciplinary, which means that it accepts the university’s professional or graduated from any knowledge area, as long as, as we previously mentioned, have performed executive or managing posts; in a matter that the complement is found on the student or student groups’ experience richness; which complement the experience form anyone who begins this program.
Opting for a scholarship
An interesting experience is to study an MBA outside of the student’s origin country, in fact, there are many scholarships for foreigners you can opt from. Some of them are:
Full scholarship
Half scholarship
The scholarship programs are created with the goal of giving the opportunity to study these courses to international students. After sending the requested documentation, the head of the department will take care of analyzing it and, finally, give or not the scholarship to the student.